Water Features

Custom Pool and Spa Design

At Bridgewater Pacific we specialize in designing and installing stunning water features that enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Whether you’re thinking of adding a soothing waterfall, a cute pond, or an eye catching fountain our expert team is here to bring your vision to life. 

Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of water features. Contact us at Bridgewater Pacific to book your consultation today. We are here to transform your outdoor space into a serene retreat. 


Elevate the sensory experience of your outdoor space with a cascading waterfall. The gentle sound of water adds a soothing ambiance to your landscape while also adding a beautiful dynamic visual element. 



Introducing a charming pond to your landscape is a great way to enhance your outdoor space. They create a peaceful environment where you can sit back and unwind after a long day. Additionally, a well designed pond offers the opportunity to cultivate aquatic life, from fish to water plants, ponds foster a harmonious ecosystem in your backyard. 


Water Fountains

Integrating a fountain to your landscape is a great way to add a touch of charm and elegance to your outdoor space. The alluring play of water of a water fountain can become an eye-catching centerpiece that radiates timeless beauty. 

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